Super Kidz Club: Preschool & School-Age Programs

Preschool Program

The preschool program is for children ages 2-5. This program focuses on kindergarten readiness. The children will weekly focus on a letter, color, number, and shape as well as learning to write their first and last name and numbers 1-50. The goal is for these children to be ready for kindergarten by the time they enter. They are assessed by level, and work within their level when they come into our program. They advance as the teachers see their ability through the lessons. They have daily art and circle times, which consist of songs, and stories reiterating the focal letter, color, number, or shape, of the week. This all works on their cognitive development. Their daily outside times help foster gross motor skills. Their social skills really improve, as well as there is such a large mix of vocabulary in the classroom. In the summer we bring in petting zoos, magic acts, and bubble shows to name a few for the children to have a little summer fun because they work so hard all year long. It really gives them something to look forward to.

School-Age Program

The school-age program cares for children 5-14 years of age. We offer before and after school care as well as a full day program on school holidays, teacher in-service days and summertime. The main idea for a school-age child is to have fun, but they have to learn life lessons along the way. Honesty, communication, and understanding are just a few of the core values that our program fosters. The children understand that before fun can commence business has to be taken care of first; their business being homework mainly. Once completed they are free to choose from a number of activities. Some of these include art, group games, social interaction, and many more. Children have the opportunity to interact with one another and with different ages as well, which provides nurturing to our younger children and maturing for older children.

Summer Camp Program

Our summer camp program is one of the best in the Concord and East Bay area. We utilize all aspects of summertime which includes field trips to museums, pools, bowling, theme parks and movies to name a few. There are also many theme days and parties which help make Super Kidz Club in Concord a place that children want to be. This program is designed for children feel that they can relax and really kick back and enjoy some of the great lessons that can be learned by being out and about. By being affordable as well, parents and children both win at the end of the day.

Preschool Program

What Makes Super Kidz Club a Unique Place to Learn?

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