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Nutrition & Good Eating Habits at Super Kidz Club

Nutrition and Good Eating Habits at Super Kidz Club, Concord, CA

Nutrition is a vital part of all children's development. Providing healthy snacks and meals can be done easily if you keep your eyes out for sales on fresh produce as well as other dry goods. Getting children involved in the process not only teaches them how to eat healthy but how to choose foods when they are older and continue good eating habits in the future.

Keeping their bodies and minds healthy are part of an ongoing job we have to help them be successful as they continue to grow. We offer nutritious snacks daily and can help families that are unsure what to pack their children for lunch if questioning what is healthy . We are always here to help in any way.

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Dramatic Play: Strengthening Cognitive, Social & Emotional Development at Super Kidz Club

Dramatic Play is an essential part of a child's development. It allows children to use their imagination in a way that when we become adults it somehow changes. By giving children creative tools to foster this growth the possibilities are endless.

Strengthening Children's Social Skills

Dramatic Play helps strengthen their social skills by interacting with each other. As well as cognitive and emotional development. At Super Kidz Club we help children meet a wide range of developmental needs while having fun.

Fine Motor & Cognitive Development at Super Kidz Club

Fine motor & Cognitive Development at Super Kidz Club, Concord, CA

Here at Skc we make learning everyday fun. As parents we know it can be hard juggling work as well as stay active with your child's learning . As they develop its important to continue to help them through all stages so they can have a solid base as they continue on their journey through different grade levels and through life.

These number locks are colorful and fun plus can be easily geared for children to use at ages 2-12. Younger children are using them to help develop their fine motor skills by fitting the key into the lock and turn it to open it. Cognitive skills are also continuing to build as they have to match the letter to the key.