Fine Motor & Cognitive Development at Super Kidz Club

Fine motor & Cognitive Development at Super Kidz Club, Concord, CA

Here at Skc we make learning everyday fun. As parents we know it can be hard juggling work as well as stay active with your child's learning . As they develop its important to continue to help them through all stages so they can have a solid base as they continue on their journey through different grade levels and through life.

These number locks are colorful and fun plus can be easily geared for children to use at ages 2-12. Younger children are using them to help develop their fine motor skills by fitting the key into the lock and turn it to open it. Cognitive skills are also continuing to build as they have to match the letter to the key.

The older children already have the fine motor skills to turn the key but can sharpen their cognitive skills by timing how quickly they can find the matching key to lock and open it. The more children are challenged at every age the more they develop in a positive manner.

At SKC we hope you can appreciate our multi-faceted approach to giving kids just what they need to thrive and be productive. Thought, science and effort go into every activity we include in our daily routines. If you are interested in finding out more about Super Kidz Club, our philosophy, or would like to know more about enrolling your child/children, please contact us today at 925-682-0143. We look forward to hearing from you!


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